You’re choosing a storyteller, not just a photographer.

When talking about wedding photography, we all think about beautiful landscapes and golden light, or stunning portraits and ethereal images. And often it’a matter of costs and supply. Which of course is important, because you have to choose a photographer whose style fits your taste. But trust me when I say that it’s waaaay more than that.

It’s not just a thing about vendor and client. To me, finding the right wedding photographer is more a “pick a partner, not a vendor” thing. Because as a partner, I’ll take on the mission of your wedding as my own. As a partner, I’ll do my best to collect for you the best memories of that day. As a partner, I do care about you.
And to me, this means so much more than be just a wedding photographer.

One thing I’ve learned during my career as a wedding photographer, is that connection is way more important than just doing my work.
Connection is what makes things easier. You know, I can’t be just a vendor since I'll see you in the early morning, for your getting ready, excited and still in your jammies!
I want you to feel relaxed with me and in front of the camera. Yes, I know that your first thought now is “well, we’re shy and fell awkward and we’re not used to be photographed” but my aim is to make you feel comfortable and have a good time, because this is your wedding day and you shouldn't worry about anything at all.

Endless embraces,

vivid dreams and

moments in between.

Trust me, you need to choose someone that can be more than a photographer doing his work on your wedding day. Because photography has an immeasurable value: it is the only thing you will have when the party is over and you're back from your honeymoon. 
And I know that now you are in the whirlwind of planning and all you think about is location and details, flowers and guests. But hey, it is your memories that we are talking about. Your memories deserve something more. They deserve someone who can tell them, because they are eternal.
And you, you deserve someone to take care of you, to be there to help you and not just to shoot. After all, a photographer will always be next to you on your wedding day. 
I've been in this world for years now and I've managed to collect some experience. I can help you, advise you, answer your doubts. 

More than everything you could dream of

This is what you should expect from this experience.

Connection is what will make us feel like friends. 
Because I want to be more than a wedding photographer. I want you to feel free to be yourselves with me. To hug and laugh, to run and kiss without any limit. We don’t need anything else except your love. 
To me, it’s just not about weddings. It’s about love and lovers. Weddings are just the perfect representation of it. A day of emotions, family, tears of joy and happiness all around. 

Ordinary moments and big feelings. That’s what I’m all about. 
Because love isn’t made of perfect dresses and clumsy poses. Love is the story of two people, who choose to share every single day together, loving each other fiercely. And believing that with that love, they will be able to overcome anything. 
These are the stories I want to hear. The ones that make me happy, the ones that prove how powerful love can be.
Stories about a life spent together.
Your love stories.
And I can't wait to tell them with my photos.

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